Diversity & Equality Policy Statement

CDM Group is firmly committed to diversity and equality in all areas of its operations.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity both within our business and with customers and other organisations that we work with. We recognise that the strength of the business is built on the understanding of individual strengths and differences and seek to respect these.

We recognise that certain groups and individuals in society are disadvantaged because of discrimination experienced. We seek to ensure that our organisation respects and includes everyone and that no customer or prospective customer, supplier or prospective supplier, employee, temporary worker or job applicant receives less favourable treatment on the basis of:

  • Age
  • Disability and/or medical conditions
  • Marital status
  • Race, language, ethnic or national origins
  • Religious belief
  • Responsibilities for care of dependants
  • Sex (including gender reassignment)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Trade Union membership and/or political views or affiliations

We recognise that there may be other areas where people experience discrimination and we will work towards an anti-discriminatory environment, based on an open discussions with employees, customers, suppliers and others on perceptions of discrimination.

We further recognise that discrimination can be direct or indirect and take place at both institutional and personal levels. We believe that such discrimination is unacceptable and we are committed to providing equality of opportunity for all by eliminating unwarranted and inappropriate discrimination. We will do this by ensuring that our practices reflect relevant legislation and good practice.

The success of this policy relies on the support and understanding of all our employees. We all have a responsibility not to be offensive to customers, suppliers or colleagues or to participate in or condone harassment or unlawful discrimination of any kind.