At CDM Contractors Ltd, we are proud to present our contribution to the stunning transformation of Princes House in Southsea.

We’re proud to say that after the successful delivery of phase 1 we were appointed as the principal contractor to deliver phase 2 of the project which was an exemplary journey in architectural restoration and enhancement.

Over two phases between 2022 -2023 , we undertook a range of significant improvements to the external of Princes House, ensuring its historic charm is both preserved and revitalised.

Our team’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and attention to detail has been pivotal in the success of this project.

Through close collaboration with the client and local community, we not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Princes House now stands as a testament to the successful fusion of historical preservation and modern construction techniques. It proudly embraces its past while embracing a bright future.

We are honoured to have played a pivotal role in the restoration of Princes House’s front elevation and look forward to more projects that rejuvenate the architectural heritage of your communities.