Environmental Policy Statement

CDM Group is a specialist Construction company working across all sectors, we acknowledge that our activities have an impact on the environment, these activities will as far as responsibly practicable be minimised.

The Managing Director has responsibility for ensuring environmental issues are managed and will ensure suitable resources are made available to achieve this goal.

We are as a morale employer committed to:

  • Continual environmental performance
  • Ensure we comply with relevant statutory requirements
  • Pollution prevention
  • Industry leading performance

This will be achieved by implementing environmental training at all levels of the organisation to enthuse our reduce, reuse and recycle attitude. All personnel who are associated with this company will be made aware of this policy and our attitude to its success.

In due course environmental procedures will be the conduit for implementing our environmental targets and shall never be compromised for other objectives.

We will endeavour to influence our clients to achieve best practice through improved design and minimising our impact on the environment at source.

All suppliers will be scrutinised to ensure their environmental controls mirror our own aspirations and where significant failings are found we will endeavour to influence positive changes in attitude.

This policy will be reviewed in light of statutory changes at least annually.